Tree Trimming
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Tree Trimming

If your shrubs are overgrown, your trees are dangling over neighbors’ property, or you’re worried about a diseased tree, Johnson’s Quality Tree Care can help – no matter the size of the job! Providing professional tree trimming and pruning services, we know that overgrowth is unattractive and a potential liability. Dead, asymmetrical, or structurally unsound trees can create significant hazards that threaten your safety and home. Our expert arborists can help by reshaping your bushes, shrubbery, and trees to nurture robust growth.

Professional Trimming & Pruning Services from Expertly Trained Arborists

Equipped with best-in-class methods and cutting-edge equipment, our arborists offer the most dependable trimming and pruning services in town!

Cabling & Bracing

We install cable systems to:

  1. Alleviate the pressure of a weak crotch system. A weak crotch occurs when the angle between a branch and the trunk is less than 45 degrees. When this happens, the branch will gradually weaken over time. This can cause a significant portion of the tree to collapse.
  2. Support young trees with visible cracks. Here, cables will be used in tandem with rods. By temporarily bracing a young tree with cables and rods, we can help it survive for long enough to establish anchoring roots. Once roots have anchored, the cables will be removed.

Tree Inspection

We’ve all viewed pictures of uprooted trees that have fallen on cars and homes during high winds and powerful storms. Although most homeowners describe these incidents as freak accidents, they are avoidable in many cases. Aware of this fact, our experienced and certified arborists can inspect your trees for possible weaknesses. Trees are complex and require a trained eye to spot underlying dangers. By assessing hazards lurking beneath the surface, we can proactively improve your trees’ stability to protect your property.

Corrective Pruning

Benefits of having your trees and shrubs thinned and pruned:

  • Supports healthy tree growth and promotes desired shapes
  • Allows sunlight to reach internal branches more thoroughly
  • Prevents insect infestations, decay, and diseases
  • Removes dead or dying branches and stubs

Nurture future growth for your beautiful landscape by hiring an experienced arborist to perform corrective pruning services today!


Deadwooding, or the process of trimming dead wood off a tree, is beneficial for much more than maintaining your landscape. If not treated promptly, rotting branches can spread disease and even infect the trunk of the tree. Rotting branches can also attract pests and invasive insects that are harmful to surrounding vegetation. Finally, dead wood is more likely to break off during storms and high winds. The good news: Our arborists can assist in protecting your home by performing deadwooding services before bad weather arrives.

Crown Density Reduction

Crown density reduction is a pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees to remove overgrowth that is blocking out sunlight. After an initial assessment, our arborists will tell you whether crown density reduction is necessary, and we will go over how much reduction is optimal. By removing excess branches, we will eliminate unnecessary weight burdening your trees so they can thrive stress-free.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming can improve both the curbside appeal of your property and the health of your plants at the same time. If left untamed, an overgrown shrub can gradually weigh itself down and grow sickly. Maintaining shrubs also helps interior branches enjoy sunlight and vital nutrients.

At Johnson’s Quality Tree Care, we can trim your plants to promote a natural shape. Our trimming techniques are designed to encourage plant growth and vibrant, blooming flowers. Each shrub has an ideal season for trimming and pruning. Aware of these nuances, our knowledgeable and experienced arborists will deliver the expert care they need.

What Is the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

Trimming and pruning are often performed at separate times of the year and frequently require different gardening tools. Understanding the proper equipment, methods, and seasons to trim and prune is essential for best results.

  1. Trimming is primarily concerned with enhancing the aesthetics of a tree and relieving the stress of overgrowth.
  2. Pruning is primarily concerned with keeping fruit plants and flowers healthy by removing diseased branches and promoting healthy growth. Pruning also helps spurs grow, thereby encouraging fruit growth the following season.

Reasons You May Need to Trim or Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Are dead branches burdening your trees? Have pests infested their trunk, bark, or branches? Do you want to encourage productive fruit blooms? Do you want to enhance your landscape’s cosmetic appeal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our trimming and pruning services are an excellent solution.

The Health of the Tree or Shrub

If your tree begins to droop or look sickly, it may be suffering from decay or the weight of dead branches. Pruning can make the roots more robust and encourage healthy new growth. Trimming can remove the portions of a tree or shrub plagued by disease, fungi, or pests. By exposing your plants to abundant sunlight and fresh air circulation, both methods can regenerate the health of your trees and shrubs.

Provide Clearance

Dead branches and overgrowth can pose risks to nearby infrastructure. Trees that are neglected sometimes extend into neighboring property or block roadways and driveways. The branches of enormous trees sometimes even climb over fencing and roofing and become entangled in power lines. When tree branches grow near or above telephone and power lines, the possibility of outages and fires exponentially increases. Fortunately, our professional arborists can aid in providing safe and ample clearance before your overgrown trees wreak havoc or annoy your neighbors.

Improve Aesthetics

Pruning and trimming will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. Removing dead and tangled branches will leave your yard looking tidy. We can also shape your trees and shrubs in a way that encourages spectacular blooms and complements your property nicely. If you live near a lake, mountain range, or enjoy incredible views from your property, we can neatly trim trees to ensure a beautiful panorama.

Proper Development of a Young Tree

By pruning a young shoot, it is possible to stimulate vigorous growth. Selective pruning is particularly beneficial when a plant has a weak and slow-growing section. Pruning can also facilitate spurs, which produce flowers, fruit, and potent flower buds. Finally, lightly pruning fruit trees during summer seasons provides better air circulation, mitigating disease, decay, and insect infestation.


To foster healthy growth and avoid the potential spread of rot, we highly recommend trimming and removing any diseased, injured, dying, infested, or dead branches from your trees immediately. The faster sickly and compromised segments are removed, the faster your trees and shrubs will be healthily restored.

Improve Structure

Pruning and trimming can dramatically strengthen the structure of your trees. If requested, we can also prune and trim for special effects and decorative shapes.

Our arborists have the formal training to employ various pruning techniques, including:

  • Pollarding – This technique entails cutting off the crown and branches of a tree to promote top growth.
  • Coppicing – This technique entails cutting a tree or shrub at ground level to stimulate bottom growth.
  • Espalier – This technique entails pruning a fruit tree or ornamental shrub to help it grow flat against a latticed wall.

To achieve structural soundness, it is also critical to avoid pruning malpractices, such as topping trees. Topping will make a tree feeble and susceptible to pests.

Your Tree Crosses into Your Neighbor’s Property

No one wants to deal with a tree trespassing over their property line. Be vigilant of your landscaping and avoid encroaching on your neighbor’s land by having a professional arborist regularly trim and prune your trees. If a branch breaks off or a tree collapses during high winds, you may be liable for damages.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

The size and complexity of a tree trimming project largely determine the cost. Whether we are removing hard-to-reach branches, grinding huge stumps, or delicately pruning fruit trees, we guarantee quality work at competitive and fair prices.

Location and Accessibility

If your tree is extremely large or in a hard-to-reach area, the costs may slightly increase for the added labor and risk involved. Luckily, many of our locations use cranes and bucket trucks to reach tall points. Our stellar crews also employ numerous tried-and-true techniques to complete complex jobs quickly and thoroughly.

Tree Height and Size

Trimming and/or pruning tall trees usually involves more time, labor, equipment, and hazards than smaller trees. If we need to bring in heavy-duty equipment or take time-consuming safety measures, these extra efforts will naturally incur additional charges. Nevertheless, we go above and beyond to provide price points that won’t break your budget.

Number of Trees

The more trees that need pruning and trimming, the more labor and time a project will entail. This will affect the price accordingly.

Tree Health

Certain tree diseases make trimming more complicated and dangerous. When a tree is damaged, unhealthy, or dead, trimming involves heightened risks – especially if climbing is necessary. Accounting for extra safety precautions may affect pricing. Rest assured, we will be upfront about these costs every step of the way.


Pests (such as ants, emerald ash borers, and woodpeckers) are a telltale sign that your tree is likely rotting and unstable. Some pests burrow deep into tree trunks where they steal nutrients, cause invisible damage, and destroy roots. Infested trees are often unstable and unsafe for tree trimmers to climb, which can increase costs.

Client Specifications

We are always completely transparent about our pricing and do our best to devise a plan that works with our customers’ financial situations and needs.

Equipment Needs

Every Monster Tree Service arborist has been fully trained to operate all equipment safely. Tree trimming requires an abundance of caution, which is why we take every measure to be as cautious and safe as possible. We also utilize weight-distributing ground mats to protect your lawn.

Safety and Risk

Our local crews consist of licensed and insured professionals with quality industry experience. Supervised and trained by seasoned arborists, our tree trimming specialists always wear safety goggles, helmets, and other protective equipment when the task demands such measures. We also have liability coverage to protect your property and our employees.

Time and Crew Required

The number of arborists and the amount of time spent on a tree trimming assignment will impact costs. That said, you can rest assured that we provide upfront estimates and never tack on surprise surcharges or hidden fees.

Trimming the Tree/s Myself VS Hiring Professional Arborists

Trimming a tree in your backyard may seem like an easy task. However, without proper experience and training, even a small job can prove dangerous or fatal. Branches can fall in unpredictable ways and hurt you instantly. Chainsaws can make sudden erratic movements and yank back toward your body. Amateur trimming techniques can also negatively affect a tree’s health and future growth. By trying to save money, DIY endeavors often end up causing significant damage and more expenses.



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